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World Book Day 2022

After the success of previous years, World Book Day was held once again on Tuesday, the 12th of April, as a special way to put an end to the second school term.

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Paula in Year 11

over 1 year ago

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5 of October 2022 - Happy World Teachers' Day!

On the fifth of October of 2022, we can finally celebrate our teachers’ efforts!

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Grace in Year 7

12 months ago

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THE CHRISTMAS FAIR: Should we have it?

Are we having a Christmas fair? This is a question some of us have been  asking ourselves. Some may argue that it is not necessary for KCA to have a Christmas Fair. On the other hand, other pupils and even teachers would think otherwise.

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Lucía in Year 6

11 months ago

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Sri Lanka in the wolf’s mouth as its currency struggles and its crisis severes

Sri Lanka's population protested furiously against the police for the upsetting situation the country is going through. This tense situation against the central government will last as basic and necessary daily goods are scarce due to the government’s issue to pay for them as they must be imported.

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José in Year 11

11 months ago

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**Around 2 days ago, a gas leak was spotted in the Baltic Ocean. The sole purpose of the pipe was to transport natural gas to Europe. It stretches 1.200km and was built in 2005.. Now it appears to be leaking gas directly into the Baltic.**

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Kim in Year 8

11 months ago

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The Absurdity of Animal Extinction

**One of the reasons animals are going extinct is because of deforestation. We are cutting down trees and using the material for furniture and paper. In the Amazon rain forest, animals are going extinct and losing their homes such as: monkeys, jaguars, poison dart frogs and more.**

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Mila in Year 7

11 months ago

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our-schoollatest-newsinventive weekactivities

From creative to inventive week: what’s changed?

*The event we have been looking towards all year long has already fled by us, but what’s actually been happening in Inventive Week 2022?*

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Paula in Year 11

11 months ago

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latest-newsMuseo del Prado

A guide around Prado

This article was written by Sofiya Naletova in Year 12 :) **Recently, I traveled to Madrid and my experience of going to Museo del Prado was so great that I wanted to share some pieces I found interesting with KCA news readers.** \

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Adina in Year 12

7 months ago