What is KCA News?

KCA News is a student-led newspaper of King's College Alicante. Here, we publish articles about the school news, world politics, fashion, entertainment, environment, and sports. Educate yourself about the global world events, or indulge in detailed horoscope predictions for you and your friends. Enjoy your time during breaks, registration, and study periods reading all about the latest at KCA and beyond!

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Welcome to all the young, aspiring readers of KCA News! Here, we publish articles every week on various topics, including our own school, the world news, the latest films, horoscopes, and recent sports events. KCA News is a student-led initiative that was inspired by the desire to strengthen the school community by uniting KCA students as readers, thinkers, and dreamers. It is our job to deliver you a fruitful reading experience that you can enjoy in your free time. So get comfy, open up your favorite KCA News section, and enthrall yourself with the stories it hides!

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